The Name of Our Pub

We wanted our name to tell a lot about our pub. The Curragh is headquarters of Flat Racing in Ireland. Written evidence of racing dates back to the third century when chariot races were held at the “Cuireach” — the Gaelic word for racecourse — on the lands known today as the Curragh Racecourse and Training Grounds. The Curragh hosts all five Classic Races and up to thirteen other quality race days annually. It is owned by the Irish Turf Club, founded in Kildare in the 1760’s.

We are located in Holland, Michigan; Skokie, Illinois and Edison Park, Illinois.

Plus SC
  • Drink Special

    • Friday – TGIFriday

      3 to 6pm • $5 Selected Appetizers & $2.50 Selected Craft Beer. Ask your server for current offerings of craft beers.
  • Food Special

    • Friday – Food Special

      Imperial Pretzel Pint 7 Burgundy Kilkenny Roast 14 Chicken Boxty 14 Key Lime Pie 6
  • Thursday - Drink Like an Irishman

    Friday - Appetizer & Craft Beer Specials

    Sports Programming