Hand Cut Irish Fries

This past week we rolled out our new fall and winter menus. One of the new items on the menus has gained a lot of attention. “Hand Cut Irish Fries”. You may ask, what is so different about these fries or what makes them Irish?. Both are valid questions. So here is the answer. Northern Irish man, living locally, John Johnson approached us about buying potatoes from him. He had grown authentic Irish Maris Piper potatoes here in West Michigan. We asked John to tell us why he wanted to do this.

“Growing up in a small village in Northern Ireland, my mum, Margaret McCrossan, would serve us fresh, floury potatoes at least once a day. Most autumns I worked in the potato fields with neighbors and friends. It’s long been my dream to bring the Irish obsession with quality potatoes to my American family. The potato the Curragh is serving is the fulfillment of that dream and hopefully the beginning of your love affair with Irish potatoes.”

John’s slogan, “Born in Ireland and grown here in West Michigan by McCrossan potatoes”.

What is a Maris Piper potato? “Maris Piper” is an oval, cream-colored potato with pale, golden skin. It has a texture described as fluffy or floury and is considered the best variety for making french fries. It’s also a favorite for mashing and baking, but it tends to fall apart when boiled, so is not a good choice for potato salad. The plants are tall and produce red-violet blooms. They are high-yielding, with many tubers per plant, and the potatoes store well.

We can’t wait for you to stop in and try our hand cut Irish fries.


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